Some thank yous

I think technically speaking, there should be an apostrophe after "you" (since an apostrophe is placed in a plural when there may be confusion over the meaning of the word) but I just can't bring myself to put such a clumpy-looking apostrophe in there. Yes, I'm the sort of person who apologises for ignoring complex, outdated grammatical rules.

As I've already mentioned a couple of times, I've been signed off work with some ongoing health problems and it has been difficult at times. Luckily, I've discovered that I have a wonderful support network around me, and, now that I've returned to work (today, in fact!), I want to say a public thank you to the people who have helped me so much over these past two weeks.

Without getting all smushy on you, Rich is wonderful, but this fortnight he's truly shown me how amazing he is. Little things like leaving cash out on the side so I don't need to get the bus, calling me in the morning to make sure I'm awake in time for my appointments, transferring money when I'm out so I can buy myself a treat. He's even put up with me gushing over how beautiful my doctor is. What a star! 

I've been to see my Grandma this week and she is always a fantastic person to talk to. She was a teacher too, so she understands both the highs and lows of teaching, meaning she's the perfect person to turn to for advice. I spent a wonderful afternoon with her discussing her past and learned some really interesting information about her, as well as laughing a lot! 


Marie has been my best friend for more than a decade, and she was privy to my rather spectacular teenage breakdown. For this reason, it seems as though nothing I do could phase her, so she's excellent for offloading. She also has a very dry sense of humour: Rather than hugging it out, she's likely to insult me and belt out some emo tunes. Which is exactly what I needed. 


Since Leona is selfish enough to live 183.6 miles away (yes, I Googled it!), I haven't exactly been able to pop round and chill out. However, her voice notes on WhatsApp have absolutely made my days. Topics over the past fortnight include Dante's circles of hell, UTIs, and whether halal pork exists (I'd like to point out that I didn't bring up that last one!). Just hearing her lovely south west voice makes me feel like she is on the sofa next to me. 


Even though Myles is a too cool for school teenager, he still came to see The Fault in our Stars with me, and made me laugh by contorting his face into ridiculous expressions with chopsticks. 


Helen is an amazing Primark enabler, and didn't judge me when I got to the till with a bulging basket and realised it wasn't actually payday as I'd previously thought. She's also happy to play Real Fashion Bloggers in Topshop with me. 

Before going back to work, I was looking at an evening spent panicking on the sofa. Until Lucie got in touch and invited me out with her. I ended up having a wonderful, hilarious evening and it completely took my mind off work. In the end, I went back feeling very relaxed and refreshed, and I put this down to a fun evening the night before. 

Fashion Worked
For sending me little messages to make sure I'm ok. We publicly hate each other, but he's a sweetie really. 


  1. I love you Becky you dick xox

  2. Glad you're feeling better now! It's always nice to be reminded of how many people care about you :)

    Jess xo

  3. This is so sweet!
    I think everyone needs time off personally every now & then, and when you're a teacher that becomes incredibly difficult.
    I'm glad you're feeling better & it's amazing to have such a brilliant support network to!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  4. I think this is a nice idea to do at any time. I'm glad things are back on track and I hope work continues to go well!


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