Sponsor Shoutout: July

I can't believe that we are already smack bang in the middle of summer. It's been a hot one, right? Turns out, my sponsors are pretty hot too! (See what I did there? Too cheesy?)

More About Cat
Sometimes I write these sponsor posts and I think "How can I possibly explain what's great about this blog in such a small space?" Cat's blog, More About Cat, is one of these. She has such a huge variety of posts, from recipes to days out with a huge sprinkling of positivity, and I love her 52 Lists series. Not to mention the fact that she once wrote a Cat Reads Cosmo post. Plus, she once went to a fancy dress party as Gerard Way and that makes anyone awesome in my eyes! 

This Beautiful Daydream
Steph, the blogger behind This Beautiful Daydream, is absolutely adorable! Her blog design is so bright and cheerful, and I love her personable writing style. Oh, she's a teacher too and clearly all teachers are the best people in the world! It turns out Steph and I have a lot of common- She's an art fan and blogged about her school trip to the Matisse exhibition (I wish I could go on a school trip to the Tate Modern!), she'll buy Kerrang because her emo idols are on the cover, and she visits stately homes. There are also book reviews, tutorials and fashion. If you like my blog (which I guess you do, since you're on it and all), you'll definitely enjoy Steph's!

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