Review: Lush Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds, Phoenix Rising and Melting Marshmallow Moment

Well, there is my longest post title ever! Last month, Rich went to Lush and bought me some presents. He was very careful to choose products that I haven't already used, and he did a darn fine job too! What a sweetie! He bought me the bath products, but the shampoo and conditioner were gifts from Cohorted. I originally planned to put them in this post, but their review will come a little later. 

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

I have to be honest here: I've smelled this every. single. time I've been in a Lush store and never picked it up. I'm a huge fan of the candy fragrances, and the musky, earthy scent has always been at the bottom of my priority list. Actually, this is just what I needed! After an insanely busy day, my muscles were aching all over, so Rich ran me a bath with this and it was perfection! The spicy scents of patchouli, cinnamon and frankincense were so soothing that I relaxed straight away. It also made my skin feel really soft and sleek. I'll definitely be repurchasing! 

Melting Marshmallow Moment

This is what dreams were made of! Melting Marshmallow Moment is a bath melt, rather than a bubble bar or bath ballistic, so you drop it in the bath and it slowly dissolves. It may not be dramatic but it smells incredible. Such a wonderfully sweet, candy scent. I always want to eat it, although I know that wouldn't be wise! As it contains cocoa butter, it's really moisturising and leaves my skin feeling really smooth and soft. Definitely one of my favourite products from Lush. 

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising is a spicy scented bath bomb which is supposed to have a golden lustre, although mine was lacking in that department. It has strong notes of cinnamon and bergamot, creating a really sensual, exotic fragrance. It's very warming, so probably better for winter months. This bath bomb also dissolved really slowly, which I know is important to some of you, and left the bath a rich violet-pink shade. 

You're doing a good job, Lush. Keep it up! After the Lush event the other night, I have a lot of new Lush stuff to review. You'd better all be ready!


  1. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds sounds exactly like my cup of tea, I think that's going to be added to my wishlist now. I've been contemplating getting Phoenix Rising for ages, but after your review, I'm definitely getting it next time I pop into Lush! :)

    tea & dresses

  2. Great post! 'Blue skies & fluffy white clouds' sounds fab - love the name too! :)

    Style Sunrise


  3. I love marshmellow moments its so yummy. I haven't tried the other 2 I am so guilty of always picking the same things at lush xx

    1. I wanted to try everything but now I have and there's nothing new to try!

  4. I always neglect Lush but the few times I do go in there I'm always pleased with what I buy. I should check it out more regularly - that marshmallow melt sounds amazing xx

    Meet Me On My Sofa

    1. You should definitely go to Lush more often. I can't go near a store without buying a thousand things haha!

  5. Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds sounds gorgeous :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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