Hyper Japan 2014

Last year, I briefly entertained the idea of visiting Hyper Japan. Me being me, I forgot all about it until I saw loads of blog posts from people who had had the foresight to actually book tickets. So when that time of the year rolled around again, I was determined not to make the same mistake. I was going to go to my first Hyper Japan. Boy, am I glad I did! 

Marie came along with me, since she is really into cosplay and gaming, and we made some new friends while we were there. Say hello to Mario and Luigi, our new BFFs! 

 Our first stop was the food court. The noodles and prawns were incredible! 

Hyper Japan is held in Earl's Court, which I'm more used to visiting as a music venue, so it was strange for me to see it with a different layout. I really liked how spacious it was- There was plenty of space between each stall so you didn't have to squeeze up against each other.

Humungous Chopper!
If I could sum up Hyper Japan in one word, it would be alpacas. There were alpacas everywhere. I couldn't resist! 

As well as all the elements of modern Japanese pop culture, there were performances from more traditional disciplines.

A lady at the Alpha Japanese School taught me how to write Becky! She wrote it down for me and I copied it onto my fan. 

As well as the opportunity to draw on fans, there was a table raising money for Aid for Japan where you could break out the Pro Markers. I drew Marie!

Here's what I bought: A lot of Ramune drinks, koala biscuits, two bowls (one with a panda and one with a bunny) and, of course, my alpaca!

I had such a great time. See you at the Christmas market! 


  1. I've always wanted to go to Hyper Japan, but same as you I usually accidentally let it pass by! Looks like you had loads of fun, and I'm super jealous of the panda bowl! x

  2. Wow, looks like a great event. Although I'm not really into Japanese things, I would definitely go just to see everything. I like to go to events for things that I don't know too much about just incase I might like it :)

  3. My niece is mad on all this kind of stuff..if she's still into it all next year, I might treat her to a trip over. It looks like a fantastic day! x

  4. This looks amazing. I'm really interested in Japan and it's culture, so an event like this look super fun! I'm going to have to think about getting tickets one year… I love the photos by the way, and your outfit is awesome.

    Seren x

  5. Cute bowls, love the alpaca too!

    Sophie x

  6. Well that looked like a blast! Also, that Alpaca is just ... life. It's so cute, I can't stop looking at it! :3

    Jess | The Mod Mermaid

  7. Great pics! Love the alpaca and how it matches your hair.

  8. This looks like so much fun. I was the exact same last year, I'll have to get myself to the November one.


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