Becky Reads Company: August 2014

Company, Company, Company. I want to like you. I do, but you make it so hard. You're like an ex that you miss until you go back to them and realise what it was that made them an ex in the first place. This issue was possibly the worst I have ever read in terms of grammatical errors. Somebody go and sort them out. 

I don't tend to like these travel-themed issues anyway. I went to Ibiza once 10 years ago, and I don't intend to go again, so I have no need to find out the hottest parties or "coolest new hangs". It just always seems a bit alienating.

The Good

Matt organised a non-laddy stag do in Disneyland Paris and it sounds like the best thing ever! 

An investigation into whether the fashion world is ready to accept bigger busts (although I would hardly call a 34D "hefty"). 

This was a really cute article about holidaying alone with your mum.

Confessions of a Blogger's Boyfriend was hilarious! I totally feel for the guy, as I know Rich feels exactly the same way. In fact, I can't wait to show him the article! 

I'm a big fragrance fan, so I found this article on summer scents really interesting.

The Bad

Seeing as Company is mainly aimed at students and creative professionals, I find it hard to believe anyone would pay out £255 for a side table. Don't forget your demographic!

That's it for this month. Not a lot of bad, just a whole lot of ugly...

The Ugly

"Wardrobe envy-literally!" Just... what?

"Whether your hitting the beach or the city". It hurts me to type. I want to scratch my eyeballs out. Here's a tip for you, Company:
Why is there a comma instead of a full stop after "shine"? How could that possibly be one sentence? 
However, commas would suffice here. The semicolons are unnecessary. 
Hey, now we're back to superfluous commas! 


  1. I always love these posts. The good always makes me want to give it a read, despite the awful grammar!
    Megan x

  2. I've never been to Ibiza and I probably will never go, I'm just not into the party party thing. Also, this magazine... maybe you should directly reach out to them and offer to fix it :D

    1. Haha but then I'd have to get rid of this series! ;)

  3. These posts literally make my month. (As well as making me really paranoid about my spelling/grammar.) I really have no idea why you didn't get a company award. ;) On a slight sidenote I will defend them on a 34D being hefty. As someone with a very small frame I'm a 30D and even that is pretty big on me. I think it's relative to your build. If I was a 34D it would look huuuuge on me, but I know on someone else it might seem tiny.
    Anyway that aside I am totally with you on everything you say. Come on guys sort your editors out. Or hire Becky, she'd do it for you. ;)

    1. I think it's proportional. So you have a small frame, hence the 30. If you had a 34 back size, D wouldn't be very big on you.

  4. Hah I love the idea of this! It's always good to take a critical eye to these kind of mags! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I never read Company, or any women's magazine I find them all awful and disappointing. Some of the articles you mentioned look interesting - especially the big boobs and blogger boyfriends! I would also not call a 34D hefty! I am that or bigger (still squeezing in just about haha) so I know they're not BUT I know that the high street hardly stocks any nice looking D cup bras, anything bigger or better fitting is way too expensive for a student budget! I have been complaining of thise so much lately as I can't afford new bras but can't keep squishing into too small ones and the high street seems to be purely for girls with little boobs! Even clothes I struggle to find that fit properly - cos a skinny girl can't have big boobs according to the high street -_- xo

    amber love

    1. It's so difficult to find nice bras. I have to pay SO much for them!

  6. I still don't really understand the use of commas. I figure it is a pause in a sentence to break things up a bit, yet it still feels wrong. Curse my rubbish English.

  7. I love these posts! I completely agree about the Ibiza thing - why they insist on doing an issue on it every bloody year I'll never know. There are so many more interesting travel destinations that they could cover, but it seems a bit 'try-hard cool' to always go back to the Ibiza thing.

    And the side table things...£255 would buy me a hell of a lot of dresses - why would I spend that much on something that'll be covered in used make-up wipes and empty coke cans within a day?!

    1. Ibiza is so old these days. It just makes me think of Kevin & Perry Go Large and that film is something like 13 years old. Everybody else has moved on and they're still stuck in their little Ibiza bubble.

  8. It absolutely URKS ME TO NO END when I read a magazine that has a TON of spelling and grammar mistakes in them!!


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