101 in 1001 XXIX

Last month was pretty dire in terms of my goals, so it made more sense to combine these past two since I crossed off a lot in the past 4 weeks! 

#1 Visit Pere Lachaise
Oh my goodness, I did it! I finally explored Pere Lachaise cemetery and it was everything I hoped for and more! (Technically I could also use this as #51- Visit 10 cemeteries but I'm challenging myself!)
#16 Visit Germany
German flags flying
After 14 years spent dreaming of visiting Germany and practising my language skills, I went to Berlin and... spoke to nobody. I panicked! 

#17 Visit my brother in Manchester
View of Greenfield Reservoir
I finally made it! I drove up to Manchester and had one drink in the city centre. It counts, ok?

#22 Visit Paris
Louvre at sunset
Oh man, I completely fell in love with Paris!

#56 Watch 50 new-to-me films (9/50)
DVD covers 10 Rillington Place Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2
I'm not a big film-watcher so I'm pretty impressed with how well I'm doing here. My dad lent me his copy of 10 Rillington Place when I visited (guess where I get my morbidity from) and went I visited Laura and Matt towards the end of the month, we had a Pitch Perfect marathon. Can you call two films a marathon? 
I know, I know. It's awful that I'd never seen Les Misérables before. I actually ended up staying all night to watch it twice in a row because I had no idea what was going on the first time. 

#83 Watch all 100 Greatest Musicals (21/100)

Ooh 1/4 of the way through! The Producers was a lot funnier than I imagined but man, was Kiss Me, Kate dull!

#84 Eat in 10 new-to-me London restaurants (1/10)
Lobster roll at Burger and Lobster
Burger & Lobster was an amazing new experience for me! 

#90 Read 125 books (10/125)
Hmmm... better pick up my pace!

#96 Visit 10 new-to-me museums (2/10)
Museé de Louvre sign
Well this is getting off to a good start! I've visited the Berlin Natural History Museum and the Louvre this month.

I got so many things done this month! Feeling very satisfied with myself! 

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  1. Wow you've had a well-travelled month! Long live the summer holidays!

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  2. I want to go to Burger & Lobster soon much, it looks so nice! x

  3. Productive month - you're using the summer holidays to your advantage ;)

  4. Always love these posts! You're getting through your list really well! x

  5. Paris is a lovely city to visit, I'm so jealous! Germany isn't wrong either!

  6. What a cool month! Def made the most of it before school starts again! Hannah x

  7. I love the idea of the 1001 list. It motivates you to get out and do stuff! I remember the first time I visited Germany after studying the language for years. I was planning to talk to lots of people, but I froze as soon as I got there. Speaking to actual Germans is much more intimidating than speaking to a German professor!

    Meet Me in Midtown

    1. I am so glad you said this! Rich kept saying "Go on- Why don't you order the food/ buy the tickets/ etc? It will give you a chance to practise your German" and I just couldn't do it!

  8. You had a very busy month! Fair play to you for making this list and sticking to it :)

  9. Lots of travelling and sightseeing, I'm jealous! I really regret putting "watch x amount of films" on my 101 in 1001 as I forget to keep track, don't know how you do it! x


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