What's in my bag // Summer 2015 edition

I love reading What's in my bag posts, and I know I'm not alone. There's something inately curious (or just nosy!) about all of us that means we love peeking into other people's handbags. Luckily for everyone I ever cross paths with at the moment, the newest addition to my bag collection is transparent, so they can all have a snoop!
Blogger What's in my bag photo
Admittedly, I think this flamingo bag from House of Fraser is designed as a beach bag since it's made of flexible, waterproof plastic, but it's just too cute not to use more often. Look at his cute little beaded eye! And his handle-neck! Besides, he's a flamingo! Bloggers love flamingoes! 
Flamingo beach bag
I like to think I'm quite good at sticking to the basics. If you need some aspirin or a plaster, I'm not the person to ask. My bag contains only the essentials. However, the bonus of having a bag that's slightly bigger than I'm used to means I can pack some additional items just in case.
Weekend handbag essentials
Right in the top left-hand corner you can see the most important item in my bag- my PPOW (Pink Pouch of Wonder). In here I keep two spare camera batteries and a spare SD card. I'm not going to admit to how many times I leave the house without a charged battery or SD card (or both!). Suffice to say, it's a lot and I'd be completely lost without my PPOW!

Then I have my fashion and beauty essentials: A cardigan in case I get cold, a scrunchie and hair bobble, lip balm, sunglasses, MAC Bombshell (which evaded the photo) and some make up wipes. I also have a safety pin for some reason which has secretly smuggled itselt onto three flights in the past couple of weeks. When I wass 14, airport security confiscated my nail file, so I'm not entirely sure how a safety pin made it through three times! 

In the middle are my technical items: iPhone (yes that is a My Little Pony case), iPod, earphones and my portable charger which, like my PPOW, is indispensable! House keys, car keys (have I mentioned I can drive now?) and my purse go without saying but I also carry business cards everywhere I go. I hardly ever need them, of course, but it's always when I don't have them that I need them! Same goes for my three pens. Do I need three pens? Probably not. Did I know I had three pens in one bag? Not at all.

The best thing about a larger bag? It can hold my books. Hooray! Murakami, of course!
Clear flamingo beach tote bag from House of Fraser
Oh, it's just so darn cute! Huge thanks to House of Fraser for sending me Mr Flamingo. 

...What do you mean you don't name your bags?
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  1. Your bag is so CUTE- I don't have any character bags but if I did I would name them too :)
    I like your smuggled safety pin- the last time I went away I walked a bottle of water and carton of juice through Egyptian security. Although I got stopped and my bag searched both ways in the UK.

  2. I love these posts, I've just done an updated one over on my blog this week! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  3. I love Mr Flamingo! Your bag is so organised! #jealous
    I keep pulling random stuff out of mine, like socks, ikea pencils and a bag of ginger this week!

  4. I do love a good nose in peoples bags/wardrobes/bookcases. Your bag is so different to mine! Gorgeous, but very different. You carry the necessities, I carry everything that's on my face, a few snacks, several notebooks and around 50 emergency hair bobbles.

    Roxie x

  5. That is a really cute bag, definitely summer appropriate! You're right, have to love a good what's in my bag post! Xx

    Ioanna |

  6. I love this bag, it's SO cute. I hate ending up with random stuff in my bag so I try to keep it organised but it usually does end up with random stuff in it. I try to only carry around the necessities as well, I have tried in the past to keep things like paracetamol and plasters etc., but once they run out I can never be bothered to replace them!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  7. These are my favourite kinds of posts, I love a good nosey! Such a cute bag too xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  8. I also love these posts, definitely the nosy part of me! Mr Flamingo is the CUTEST :)

    Claire | | xx

  9. Omg I love that bag! I like to be nosy too xD

  10. This bag is amazing, give it to me!


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