5 exhibitions I must see this year

One of the first things I did when I started earning a monthly wage was to buy an Art Pass. In fact, it was one of the goals in my original 101 in 1001 (you can see the -horrendous- post about it here). With this little card, I can get into most major exhibitions for half price, although sometimes I can even get free entry. Although it renews annually, I haven't made the most of it for a while, so I'm determined to milk it for all its worth from now on. 
Using the Art Fund website, I've created a list of my top five must-see exhibitions this year. Since I'm a southerner through and through, they're all London-based, but will hopefully be useful to anyone who's looking for some creative inspiration! I've included some interesting UK-wide exhibitions at the bottom too, for those who aren't near the capital.

This is the one I'm most excited about but is also the only one that's not at all creative. The Crime Museum Uncovered will publicly display objects from the Metropolitan Police archive, some for the very first time. Items will include Jack the Ripper's wanted poster, a briefcase belonging to the Krays and items used by John Haigh, the Acid Bath Killer.

London Metropolitan Museum // 9th October 2015- 10th April 2016 // £12.50 (£6 with Art Pass)

Now we've got the creepy stuff done with, let's move onto some more family-friendly exhibitions. I'm going to have to be quick to visit Fashion on the Ration, as it closes at the end of the month. This exhibition at the Imperial War Museum explores how British people dressed during the height of rationing in the Second World War and has been very positively reviewed.

Imperial War Museum // Until 31st August 2015 // £10 (£5 with Art Pass)

Ai Weiwei is an incredible Chinese artist who uses his work to make political statements and protests. In 2011, he was reported missing after being held by the Chinese government and having equipment from his studio siezed. In the years since, he has had his passport confiscated but it was recently returned in time for him to make a personal appearance at his Royal Academy of Arts exhibition. However, the British government, who were so vocal in calling for his release in 2011, refused Weiwei a visa to attend the exhibition on grounds of his "criminal record" before overturning their own decision and granting it in the past few days. The political situation surrounding this exhibition is both fascinating and infuriating, making him one of the most important artists living today.

Royal Academy of Arts // 19th September- 13th December 2015 // Free entry to all

Oh, shoes. How I love them! I was gutted to miss out on the Louboutin exhibition a few years ago so I must, must, must remember to see this one before it ends! Shoes: Pleasure and Pain showcases footwear from all over the world over a 2000 year period, including shoes worn by Queen Victoria and Marilyn Monroe, and 400 year old platform chopines.

Victoria & Albert Museum // 13th June 2015- 31st January 2016 // £12 (£6 with Art Pass)

When I was 16, I was obsessed with Pop Art and, because I was lazy and didn't do any research, decided that it was my favourite art movement. Once I got to sixth form and was forced to research different artists, I changed my mind (postmodern sculpture, yo!) and realised that I don't actually like Pop Art all that much. Nevertheless, it was such an important movement in both art and society that I think it's worthwhile visiting The World Goes Pop, not least because it's in my favourite gallery, Tate Modern!

Tate Modern // 17th September 2015- 24th January 2016 // Prices TBC

Riviera Resort: Style and Swimwear Since 1900- Fashion & Textile Museum until 13th September 2015- Details here
The Insitute of Sexology- Wellcome Collection until 20th September 2015- Details here
Ladybird by Design- House of Illustration until 27th September 2015- Details here
Liberty in Fashion- Fashion and Textile Museum 9th October 2015- 28th February 2016- Details here 
The Fallen Woman- Foundling Museum 25th September 2015- 3rd January 2016- Details here

Damien Hirst- Pier Arts Centre at Stromness, Orkney- Details here
Costume and Colour 1800- 1899- Kelvingrove Gallery & Museum in Glasgow- Details here
Georgians: Dress for Polite Society- Fashion Museum in Bath- Details here (My post here)
Jeff Koons- Norwich Castle Museum & Gallery- Details here (My post here)
Ancient Mummies Revealed- Manchester Museum- Details here
Grayson Perry: Provincial Punk- Tate Contemporary in Margate- Details here
Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal- Bowes Museum in County Durham- Details here
Richard Long: Time and Space- Arnolfini in Bristol- Details here
Vivienne Westwood: Cut from the Past- Danson House in Bexleyheath- Details here
Photography: A Victorian Sensation- National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh- Details here

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  1. The fashion, shoes and world goes pop exhibits sounds brilliant! Jealous that I'm not in London.

    :) x

  2. I've just seen your tweet so thought I'd have a read of your post. I've never been to ANY exhibitions but some of these look really good maybe I should. Hope you get to do them all xxx

  3. Really interesting post! I've never considered buying an Art Pass but it sounds like such a good idea and I'd love to see some of these exhibitions.

    Daisy -

  4. Ooo, the shoes exhibition sounds great! I went to a similar one at the V&A with dresses a couple of years ago and it was really interesting :) x

  5. They all look amazing!
    I particularly love anything Victorian/Crime related.
    So much so I took my class to the London Dungeons this year. BIG MISTAKE. They were all terrified!

  6. I can't believe I've never been to an art exhibition!! I LOVE the sound of the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain one! I really hope you have a ton of fun with whichever ones you decide to go to! x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

    1. Never ever ever??? You definitely need to rectify that haha!

  7. If only I lived in Europe...the crime museum would be first on my list. I was fascinated with Jack the Ripper when I was a teen. Seeing those documents from that era would be AMAZE BALLS.

    Really enjoyed this post, Becky. I have been wanting to visit museums around my area and you may have just given me the push I needed to get up and go!


  8. This is really interesting as I have literally gotten my Art Pass today, thank you for giving me some idea of what exhibitions to go to! x

  9. Shoes: Pleasure and plain sounds interesting!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs


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