What's on my dressing table

My dressing table is my pride and joy. I'm the messiest, most cluttered person in the world but the levels of organisation when it comes to my dressing table are on point! I own this dressing table and mirror, but rather than buy the set, I decided to buy them seperately and it took me three years to get round to owning the table, mirror and a stool. I know, I'm an idiot. (Funnily enough, my grandma had an identical table so when she moved out of her flat, she gave it to me which was handy! Now I have two which sounds excessive but the additional storage was very welcome!) 
Items displayed on a dressing table mirror

On the mirror, I store my prettiest items- Guerlain Meteorites, Too Faced Sweethearts BlushBenefit It's Potent! and my Jo Malone jasmine & mint candle which I am yet to burn. The little bunny in the middle was a gift my teaching assistant made for me back in my first year of teaching. In the drawers I store my tweezers, wax strips, glasses and contact lenses. 
Make up organised in a dressing table organiser
This make up caddy is my favourite thing and I'd have a lot more if I had room for them. (Yes, that's right, with two dressing tables I still don't have enough space!) As you can see, I store my high-end products here: primers and setting sprays on the far left, followed by mascaras, foundations and blushers, more mascaras and eyeliners, lip products and finally my brushes on the right.
Drawers open in make up caddy organiser
In the drawers, I store lip balms, more eyeliner and moisturisers.
Bottles displayed on dressing table
To the right of my mirror, I keep my Paul and Joe primer and Anna Sui foundation as they're too pretty to hide away, as well as my cleansers, toners and acrylic storage for my MAC lipsticks.
Make up organised in dressing table drawers
As neat and tidy as my dressing table is, the drawers are another matter. Mind you, as messy as they look, there's still an organisational structure in place. The little box at the front right is for lipsticks, front left is for eye products, back left for blushers and the back right is an overflow box. The gap at the left is used for miscellany that doesn't fit anywhere else.
Dressing table drawer filled with hair products
Yeaaaaah... there's no way I can pretend this is organised. It's just a drawer filled with everything else- make up wipes, hair products, doughnuts and so on.

Admit it, you're impressed!

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  1. I love the little drawers! I really want to find ones similar to those because the plastic things I have right now get very dirty and smudged with makeup.

  2. This so cute - my desk has basically turned into my dressing table, as I'm really bad at never working at my desk... I really should make it a bit cuter!

    <a href=">Uncia and Tigris</a>

  3. I love the little drawers and the mirror- so pretty! My dressing table is nowhere near as pretty or organised as yours!

  4. I adore the way you store makeup, I'm personally not a huge fan of muji storage and I think yours looks far prettier and more organised! x

    Martha Jane |

  5. I really wish anything in my room was as organised as this! Despite the fact my own make up resides in plastic containers and disneyland mugs, I really love seeing other peoples make up collections! I feel like I'm living vicariously through other tidy people.. great post as usual :)

  6. So adorable! I love Jo Malone's candles I always get them for my mum for presents but I never have bought one for myself! xx

  7. Cute storage, I use a lot of Muji drawers and I love them but they aren't the most attractive or interesting storage options x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  8. This is so cute, I love it!

    Sarah x

  9. I love your storage! The little white drawer unit is too cute. I don't have a dressing table in my bedroom because I had to choose between that and a desk, I can't wait to have a pretty one when I eventually move out!

    Lauren x

  10. I don't even really do much make-up/hair on myself but I would loooove to have a cute dressing table like this. The make-up caddy looks really useful for bits and bobs.

  11. I love the set up, such a cute little space :)


  12. Your storage is lovely! Love it all :)

  13. Your dressing table is adorable!

    Dannie x


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