Lush Summer 2015

If you read this blog, there's a very high chance you're aware that Lush opened their flagship Oxford Street store in April, packed full of brand new, exclusive products. Which is all well and good if you live near London, but for those who weren't, it was kind of annoying. Thankfully, Lush have rolled out dozens of the bestselling exclusives to stores all around the country. Rejoice! To celebrate, Lush Reading invited me to their store and gave me the chance to check out their new products.
Lush Karma Pyramid

I'm most excited about the haircare which is, typically, the last thing to be released. As I type this, there are less than 24 hours until it's possible to buy hair products so I'll be sitting eagerly at my laptop first thing in the morning! So many new shampoos and hair oils to try!
Lush Milk Bottle Bubble Bar
The Comforter Yuzu and Cocoa Beautiful Shower GelMaking Lush bubbles
Trichomania Solid Shampoo Oxford Street Lush
Lush Experimenter bath bomb in water
This Experimenter is a lot prettier than mine! Look at those colours!
Lush Frozen bath bomb in water
Lush Maypole Soap
Lush Golden Handshake hand cream
The products your local store receive may be different, as they're shared out according to size. Reading is a pretty average sized store, so I'd imagine most will be similar but the larger spa stores, such as Bath, will probably have much more whereas teeny tiny branches like Waterloo will have fewer. Don't worry if you don't live near a shop though, as the Lush website has loads of the new products available.

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  1. All the shops near where I live haven't released any of the new Lush products, if anything the bath bombs have gotten smaller! Seeing and reading so many Lush hauls will just have to suffice for my Lush fever xx

  2. Those milk bottle shaped things look quite interesting!

  3. That top photo pleases me so much. The closest store to me is Cardiff who are moving to a (hopefully) bigger shop, so I've got my fingers crossed for lots more new products :)

  4. I am sooo excited about the Comforter shower gel - can't wait until it gets released in my country!

  5. Reading is my local store! I NEED that yuzu and cocoa range!!!

  6. I have no idea where to start with Lush, everything looks so cute. It's like Willy Wonka's factory but for bath goodies! x

  7. Oh I hope some of the new stuff comes to sweden really soon. I need them. I mean I might not have the money for them right now. But I need them and I will find the money./love Ida

  8. I have purchased a few but am yet to try them out. Exciting stuff!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  9. I love Lush so much! Mainly for the bath products because I have a bath practically every day to read. I've just recently started using their face mask range, it's brilliant! Loved the photos on this post they are so pretty! Angelica x

  10. Eeeek! So so pretty! I love the look of the little glittery milk bottles and whatever the little purple boyos at the top are. Your photos are gorgeous x


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