Lemon Aid // Making Lemonade With Bloom & Wild

You already know Bloom & Wild, the letterbox flower company, I'm sure, but I bet you didn't know that they are now branching (heh) into gifts too. The Lemon Aid Kit has just been launched, and is the perfect treat for your friends with a sweet tooth!
Lemonade Recipe Equipment
Inside the, quite frankly gorgeous, box is practically everything you'll need to make enough deliciously sweet lemonade for two- three lemons, muslin cloth, Elderbrook cordial, two Kilner jar glasses and even pretty pink paper straws and crepe garland. 
Raspberry, cranberry & blueberry Elderbrook cordial
How to make lemonade
All you need is some sugar, boiling water and a way to remove the zest from the lemons, such as my little cheese grater here. 
Removing zest from lemon using cheese grater
You'll be glad to hear that the lemonade is super-easy to make! I managed to do it myself and I am not talented in the kitchen! 
Lemonade in Kilner jars
Homemade pink lemonade
The lemonade I made was amazingly sweet and refreshing. As you can see, I added a little of the raspberry, cranberry and blueberry cordial to make a glass of pink lemonade too- the berries perfectly complemented the citrus flavour. 
Bloom and Wild logo
Making lemonade was so much fun! The perfect alternative to flowers for a creative, unique gift! 

Post written in collaboration with Bloom & Wild

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  1. I had no idea they'd started doing this! They look great!

    Nicola //

  2. Oh wow, this would such a good gift. But then I wouldn't actually want to give it to anyone if I managed this!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Oh wow, what a great idea =]

  4. This looks so cute- such a great idea!

  5. That is SUCH a cutesie idea, I love it.

    Sophie x

  6. It sounds delicious! I've never tried to make lemonade, so an easy kit like this would be great!

  7. This set is so cute! I love the style and packaging. Make your own kits are always fun to use and it makes feel like I've achieved something all on my own :)

    Roxie x


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