Candle Making at Lumieres de Londres

I am a big candle fan. I'm also a fussy candle fan- I got a taste of Diptyque and there was no going back! Unfortunately, as you can imagine, this makes for quite a pricy habit, so I was pretty excited when Lumieres de Londres invited me to experience a taste of their candle making workshop. 
How to make candles

I was lucky enough to have a one-on-one session with the absolutely lovely tutor, Sakeena. An ex-teacher, she learned her trade in Nice and Grasse so really knows her stuff but isn't at all intimidating- I was immediately put at ease by her encouraging attitude and sense of humour. Her patience was a godsend too!
What you need to make a candle
Lavender essential oil
As my session was a taster, I had a stripped-back version of the workshop but still with two candles and a whole bag of wax melts after just over an hour. I can only imagine how much you'd learn from a whole day session
Making your own candles
The first candle I made was a massage candle, which I'd never heard of before. They're made up of part wax and part massage oil, meaning you can use the melted wax as an oil for massage. Since it's is my favourite scent ever, I chose to use lavender as my essential oil, making a gorgeously relaxing, soothing fragrance.
Soy wax candle workshop
Next, we moved on to a soy candle and I was amazed by how easy it was to create a beautiful, quality candle. Seriously, you'd never guess that I made it myself! For this candle, I settled on lemon oil and sprinkled some dried orange peel on top.
How to make wax melts
Finally, we made fragranced melts using wax and essential oils. In fact, we ended up making a lot of wax melts! I've always used them just to fragrance my room, and had no idea just how many uses wax melts have: Pop them in your bath or a foot spa, or melt them and use as a moisturising hand or foot cream.
Where to buy essential oils
By the time my class ended, I was so confident in my candle-making abilities that I bought some supplies there and then. In fact, I made a candle that very evening and have made another since. I can confirm that Sakeena's teaching is so good, my candles came out absolutely perfect!
Candle making workshop London
If you're a candle fan, I really, really recommend Lumieres de Londres. It was such a fun, practical and informative workshop that has given me skills for life in a very short time. There's a huge range of different workshops too, from the Candle Workshop that I experienced, to the Natural Skincare Workshop and a week-long candle making for business course. 
Candle making lessons London
A huge thanks to Lumieres de Londres and Sakeena for inviting me into their studio- I had a wonderful time and can't wait to experiment with my new candle-making skills!

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  1. I love candles so this post is brilliant! I love all the different kinds of candles you can make, especially using the fragranced melts for so many things. Hope you carry on making these and maybe, one day, sell them. *HINTTTTTT* ;)

    Dee xx

  2. This class looks amazing, I love making candles it is so much fun and I love choosing fragrances and colours! I've found a tutorial for a doll head candle which I am hoping to make for a friend.


  3. You did well! The soy-lemon-orange peel candle is something I'd buy in a shop. I love scented candles and I have so many - you could say my personal collection is Wick-ipedia ;) x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    1. That actually made me laugh out loud! Nice!

  4. Oh this looks like such an interesting class! Sakeena sounds like a wonderful teacher and what a great skill to learn, too x

  5. Such a cool idea attending a candle making workshop! I bet it was so interesting, and the candles you created looked and sound great...You just can't beat a candle...

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  6. Such pretty scent choices Becky! Candle making is going on my do before I die list I reckon..

    Cate in the Kitchen

  7. A candle-making workshop sounds so fun! Glad you had a nice time, I'm so jealous! Lavender and lemon are great scents too :)

  8. This sounds really fun! I do love making a good candle, I'd love to do a workshop on it! x

  9. I've made candles a couple of times before - I like making them in mugs as gifts. Soy ones are so easy to make! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  10. I would love to make candles too but cant find any of the stores that stock the stuff I need here in Hong Kong

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  11. This looks amazing! I've made candles before and made a horse shaped one :') xx


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