#DoMoreWithAvios- A London Day Trip

When I was a teenager, my dad lived and worked in London. I thought I was so cool on my monthly visits and liked to give off the air that I was a Londoner. Of course, my dad would not let that slide and, in cahoots with my little brother, would humiliate me by stopping to run around every tacky souvenir shop we passed shouting "Shall we buy this, Becky? Do you want to take this home to show your friends?" I was mortified that the peple around us would think we were tourists. I know, I know. I was an insufferable 15 year old!London Eye and blue sky
These days, I'm the complete opposite. I want all the tourist stuff! London is my favourite city in the whole world (well, the bits of it I've been to... so in the whole of Europe and Florida) and I want to see all of it. So when Avios offered me the chance to spend a day in the ol' Big Smoke experiencing the London Eye and river cruises, I couldn't reply fast enough!

Tickets to London Eye and Thames River Cruise
Avios is a spending reward system, in which you can collect points on purchases at the likes of Tesco, Shell and online at over 350 stores. The points you collect can be used to buy flights all over the world but now Avios have also created the new site DoMoreWithAvios, which allows you to trade in your Avios points for a whole host of experiences, including the London Eye. 
Coca Cola Life Can
Since it's the Coca Cola Eye and all, there was a promotion going on in which free mini cans of Coke were being handed out. I could tell you how many cans of Diet Coke I got, but then you'd all think I was a monster. Still prefer Diet Coke to this Coca Cola Life stuff.
View of London Eye from below
I'd be on the London Eye when it was still new, and the only thing I could remember was being completely freaked out by it. Thankfully, it was nowhere near as scary this time! 
Hungerford bridge
View of North London
It's fascinating being able to see London from a completely different viewpoint. I know this area so well but seeing it from the air is something unique! It was also interesting for us that it was the same day as Ride London so we got a view of all the cyclists crossing Waterloo Bridge, as you can see in the photo above.
London rooftops
Boats on River Thames
View from London Eye pod
After seeing the city from the air, we had another opportunity to view it from a different perspective: By river. This is something I did once when I was very young, and have only a vague memory of passing the OXO Tower when I was about 6, so I was really looking forward to it!
Tourist in London
Tower of London and Traitors' Gate
River Cruises tour guide
View of Canary Wharf from Thames
The cruise stopped in Greenwich and, as the return journey wasn't for another hour, we stopped off for a quick drink before getting the DLR to Bank where we'd planned to visit Burger and Lobster. This chain of restaurants has no menu because it only serves two things: Burger or lobster. I opted for the lobster roll- lobser meat served in toasted brioche with chips, salad and garlic butter. It was absolutely incredible and I will definitely be returning!
Lobster roll at Burger and Lobster
I think everybody should play tourist every now and then. I've still never been to Buckingham Palace, walked over Tower Bridge or been inside the Tower of London- all things I'm adding to my list!
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  1. Coca Cola Life is grim, ugh! I still haven't been on the London Eye and it's definitely on my 'tourist in my own city' to-do list, I'd just be like 'WHERE'S MY HOUSE?!' I reckon. I do love doing some touristy bits though, I'm making sure I don't take living here for granted!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  2. Despite living in London i am still a full on tourist at times and extremely proud. The London Eye followed by a river cruise is a perfect part of a day out! I usually start with coffee on the London South for a short walk from Blackfriars up to the London Eye onto the Eye, Cruise then lunch at St Katharine's Dock. Gotta love London!

  3. I did the same feel recently, went back and did a proper tourist weekend, it was awesome!

    I've never been on the London Eye though, loved seeing London through your lens. I can't get on board with Coke Life, it's just ... Not Diet Coke.

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy <3

  4. I love visiting London! Living 4-5 hours away, I always feel like a tourist hahah. I'd love to spend a week or so doing everything - London Eye and the dungeons especially! The views look incredible.


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