25 facts about me

About 18 months ago, I wrote a 30 facts about me post. I'd been thinking about doing a new one when, funnily enough, Lauren tagged me in her post. I took that as the push I needed and started thinking up 25 new facts that you almost definitely won't know already. 
1. I only have freckles on one side of my face.
2. I've explained that Becky Bedbug was my dad's nickname for me as a child, but he also called me Snorkel and Pupster McGupster. (My little brother was Pup McGup)
3. I danced Latin American and Freestyle competitively for 9 years.
4. I am a perfectionist, but you wouldn't think it to look at my house.
5. I collect taxidermy.
6. My first celebrity crush was Zac Hanson, when I was 9.
7. The only hot drink I can stand is Starbucks gingerbread hot chocolate.
8. I own at least 10 onesies (I've lost count).
9. I was in a My Chemical Romance video (although you can't actually see me).
10. By the age of 11, I'd been on five cruises.

11. I am a chronic giver-upper. Becky Bedbug is the only hobby I've stuck at. 
12. ...Except for my diary-writing. That's still going (albeit sparsely) after 16 years!
13. I once had a reaction to my medication and asked Rich what sound blue makes (the colour, not the band!) 
14. When I was 17, I spent the night in a closed tube station doorway. 
15. Although my strength is in my intuitive phonetic skills, French is completely beyond me.
16. My panda hat once appeared on BBC Three
17. I am the least confrontational person in the world.
18. Speaking of which, I'm yet to discover a joke that offends me.
19. I have a crippling fear of Rich falling asleep when I'm in the same room.
20. I took a year out of uni 2 months in and it was the best decision of my life.

21. If I won the lottery, I'd spend the rest of my life studying.
22. I met Pat Sharp at my student union when I was at uni. He was... friendly. 
23. The first band I ever saw live were Hanson in July 1998. 
24. Rylan is pretty much my favourite current celebrity. 
25. My karaoke song is (or would be if I ever did karaoke) Livin' on a Prayer.


  1. Just imagining Rich singing All Rise to you when you asked about the colour blue.

  2. Love posts like these, i'm nosey!
    :) xx

  3. Which MCR video are you in? that is seriously cool, I am a HUGE fan.
    Laura x

  4. LOVE these posts! Yayayay! Tempted to do another of my own, I only did a 5 facts about me once just 'cos I can't think of anything that might interest people :/

    YOU SAW HANSON omg so jeal, love them!! I would also spend my life studying, and reading, and watching and learning and travelling if I won the lottery! And using the money to campaign and improve others lives. Not much better than soaking up all the information around us that we can :D I can't believe you have ten onesies haha :'D I have one and hardly wear it, I find them slightly claustrophobic to be honest! xo

    amber love

  5. I was in a MCR video too! The one at Islington Academy for Planetary (GO) ?! x

  6. Livin on a Prayer is such a good song!!! Love it! And just curious, what would you study with all of your spare time? Language, history, math...?
    <3'd the post!
    ~ Samantha


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