Review: Sephora Must Have Foundation Brush (Fond de Teint 10)

Of course, when I visited France last month, I couldn't leave without popping into Sephora. I had about €15 left to spend, which isn't a huge amount in Sephora, but I eventually settled on this foundation brush. You can never have too many foundation brushes, right?
Unfortunately for me, the one I picked up had some sort of defect with a hard clump, almost like melted fibres, in the middle. I carefully snipped it out using nail scissors and you can't even tell, so that all worked out ok. It's not like I could pop back over to Calais and return it! 

This brush is remarkably soft. When applying my foundation, it's like stroking a feather over my face! It creates such a luxurious, sensuous experience (did I just describe applying foundation as sensuous? Yes. Yes I did). However, I do find that this super-soft quality makes it a little difficult to control. I sometimes end up with uneven patches and the brush isn't really firm enough to smooth them out.

However, it is perfect for creating a light, natural finish and, using a very gradual build-up of foundation, results in a very smooth look. I'm very happy with this brush: My last €15 were well-spent!

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