Starting a life together

As most of you will know, Rich and I married in August with a low-key informal wedding in Florida. Although growing up I was adamant on having a big flash expensive wedding, by the time it actually came to saving for one, I'd understandably changed my mind! Now that we're married, our financial thoughts have turned to another important life event: Purchasing our own house as first time buyers.
Of course, a house isn't something that just falls in to your lap. Although we could easily afford the monthly repayments of a mortgage, the deposit- usually 10%- is a big investment and not the sort of money we just have lying around. With this in mind, we're taking steps towards saving for this.

Savings account
One of the simplest ways to save is to take out a certain percentage of monthly pay and pop it in a high interest savings account. Automatically transferring this money over each month takes the stress of remembering out and, if you have the willpower to leave it alone, the pounds will soon add up.

Hard work
As much as I would love to win the lottery and suddenly have all the money I need, the reality is that to earn more money, I have to work harder. Both Rich and I are devoting extra time to our careers in order to grow our savings even more. Although it's a pain at times, it will definitely be worth it in the long run! 

Speaking of the long run, I set up my pension the second I started working. Although it's extra money coming out each month, I feel such a great sense of achievement knowing that I'm looking out for future Becky. Seeing the amount in my pension fund is a huge boost with the addition of feeling like a Real Adult. I must know what I'm doing if I have a pension! 

Hopefully these three steps are setting us up for a wonderful future and, of course, a lovely home of our own!

This post was written in collaboration with TSB. 


  1. I'm so excited for you! Buying & saving for our home was one of the most exciting times. Don't get me wrong, there were of course moments of pulling my hair out but the excitement and joy of making a home overran that feeling, thank goodness. Have fun saving! xx

  2. You must be so excited, and even though this is a long way off for me I can see why its such a big step. Love your wedding photo too, first time I've seen it!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. When my partner and I were saving for our first home, I was still living with my parents, so I would put over half of my pay into a savings account each month as soon as I was paid and allowed it to build up month on month. It takes patience and commitment but I hope you get there, how exciting for you :) xx

    Ioanna |

  4. Homeownership is an exciting move!! I like hearing people stories about house hunting even though I have no interest in house hunting myself :)

    Kris and I love our savings account, each month it's the first thing to get money, but it's travel money rather than 'buy a house and be a responsible adult' money haha

  5. Ooh, good luck! I know getting the deposit was something my sister and her fiance struggled with as it is usually a big chunk of money! The thought scares me hahah! Once I've graduated next summer it'll be time to start saving up for the future, I think.


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