Sponsor Shoutout: Alyssia Rose

I met Alyssia last year and can assure you that she's a lovely, hilarious girl in real life as well as in her virtual one. It's always lovely when I have people I've met sponsor as I can vouch for them being wonderful and deserving every success. Alyssia Rose is no exception but, just in case you don't believe me, here are three reasons that you should check her out:

1. She is not afraid to play around
Isn't it great when you stumble across a blogger who doesn't take themselves too seriously? Alyssia definitely falls into this category. Her A-Z of me series reveals a bit more about her, but my favourite post is E for Embarrassing. Hilarious!

2. She's a nifty little baker
I have absolutely no baking ability whatsoever, so I'm always jealous of people who can whip up fantastic creations like this. Alyssia's pumpkin patch cake looks amazing, and I bet it tasted delicious too! 

3. Her YouTube videos are hilarious! 
I still remember Alyssia's New Year Drinking Challenge video because it was so funny! Go and watch it now, and don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel

Seriously, go and check out Alyssia now. She's awesome, I promise! 

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  1. Awwww thanks Becky! So sweet, it brought a little tear to my eye!!!


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