Christmas Eve 2014

Cardigan: New Look
Dress: New Look
Shoes: Charity shop

As I've done every Christmas for the past 26 years (2012 and 2013), I headed down to our local church for the Christmas Eve Christingle service. Usually the whole family goes together but as my grandma and grandad have gone on holiday this year, nobody was going. I'm a stickler for Christmas tradition and couldn't bear not going to Christingle, so Myles and I went alone. 

In 2012, a new vicar came along and changed the service that had been in use for at least the past 20 years. I was livid! As I've already said, I'm very fussy about my Christmas traditions and was not happy about the Christingle service being modernised. This year, to my absolute joy, she'd decided to return to the old programme. It really felt like Christmas! 

This sweet nativity scene was set up outside. Jesus looks a bit unusual. Let's take a closer look...
 Yes, he's covered in candles. Let's set Baby Jesus on fire. 
Myles the Orange Head! After taking this photo, the little boy in the santa hat that you can see in the background came running up to me asking to see the photo. He thought it was hilarious. What a cutie!

I had a great time but it definitely wasn't the same without all the family. Let's hope we can all get together next year! 


  1. is that a glowstick? what happened to candles!! Its a few years since ive been to the christmas eve carol service but there were always candles

  2. I definitely have that cardi, just in mint green and not black!

    Sounds like a nice way to see in Christmas. I've never been big on traditions and I've really enjoyed reading about everyones over the holiday period! Hope your Christmas was amazing!


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