Lewes Priory

This weekend, I visited Laura and Matt in Lewes, which is such an interesting town with a huge amount of history, some of which I posted about here. This time, we popped by The Priory, a medieval Clunaic house that was dissolved by Henry VIII in the 1530s. 

When built in the 1000s, around the same time as the castle, it was a sprawling estate of 40 acres. Unfortunately, this is more or less all that remains these days. In the photo above, you can see the ruins of the warming house straight ahead and toilets to the left. 
This would have been the entrance to the dormitory. The monks slept in the same clothes but swapped their shoes for warmer, fur-lined night shoes. It would have been absolutely freezing in the winter, as the only rooms with a fire were the infirmary, warming room and kitchens, 
Although this tower, the Prospect Tower, looks original, it was actually built in the late 1800s by John Blaker, who owned the site at the time.

I absolutely love visiting heritage sites like this. Learning about the history of how people lived centuries ago never fails to fascinate me! 


  1. I love visiting places like this! History really tickles my fancy. Xx

  2. I love Lewes, such a cute place and so interesting!

    Sophie x

  3. It's so beautiful! I grew up surrounded by castles and stately homes in various states of disrepair and it never fails to astound me how much history is all around us, and how it can still be so gorgeous.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love visiting ruins like this! x

    Under Blue Lights

  5. I'm always amazed at how people lived and survived and then amazed at how I would cry like a baby if I had to do the same!

  6. This is so funny I actually work in Lewes! It would have been so cool to run into you. It's such a beautiful town :) xx


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