Cath Kidston SS15 Preview

Another day, another SS15 preview. Told you last week was busy! My second event was the Cath Kidston preview, which I felt very lucky to be invited to. Although I'm not one for the cult floral bags, I absolutely love the more quirky homeware and, let me tell you now, next season has some of the most fun pieces ever!

The theme of next season is "A breath of fresh air", inspired by the English countryside and nature trails. With collections including Clouds, Tulips and River Fish, this inspiration is clear throughout. 

In keeping with their theme, the whole room was decked out like a village fair. Such cute inspiration for weddings and summer parties.

This was the best part of the venue decor and these sheep tea cosies will be available for purchase! My favourite is the one at the back having a little drink. So cute!

I think River Fish is my favourite of the collections. I wouldn't call myself a fish fan, but I love the Britishness of this design and there are some truly lovely items. 

For example, this fishy oven glove is amazing! 

And if you're not fished out enough, there's also this gorgeous dress with white ric rac detail at the bottom. I love a bit of ric rac! 

Speaking of ric rac, look at this skirt! Isn't it just the most amazing thing you've ever seen? It will be making an appearance on my body this summer. Yes. 

Matching ric rac glasses too! 

This tank top makes me wish I had a child! 
Stanley the dog is my pal. About 2 years ago, I bought a railcard holder adorned with mini Stanleys so he's always there on my commute. Look at his cute little face!
It gets better! These are Stanley salt and pepper shakers! I have a real thing for novelty salt and pepper shakers, so these are right up my street.
I'm so excited about the upcoming offerings Cath Kidston will have in their shops. As if I wasn't looking forward to summer enough! 


  1. Love Cath Kidston wish there was a store near me, so I could check them out when they come out.


  2. This might be my favourite collection so far, and I thought they wouldn't be able to top the safari one. That dress is so sweet and I love the bags. those pumps are lovely too.

    Looks like a great event, really like the cute vm they've done for it too!

  3. Give me some fish print dresses any day!

  4. I love Stanleys as they look so much like my dog - I'm hoping for the timer this Christmas! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  5. Awww, the sheep tea cosies look so cute and the fish print dress is amazing! - Tasha xxx

  6. I am such a huge Cath Kidston fan!!! Love her Pyjama range :) I know a lot of people like the bags but I have found very similar styles that aren't CK for much cheaper. The country theme is so cute and the new prints are lovely!!!

    Emma x

  7. Sheep tea cosies?! I need these in my life. I want a whole bunch of them in my life! Xx

  8. Love CK. Not totally sold on some of the things, but I absolutely adore how it was styled and presented.

  9. Oh, everything here is just beautiful! Love a bit of ric rac too - that dress & skirt! <3
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  10. Oh I love ric rac - can't wait for those glasses


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