Top outfits of 2014

Considering I started Becky Bedbug as a personal style blog, I've posted very little in the way of outfit posts this year. It makes me sad, to be honest, because I really do love fashion and shopping but, for some reason, this doesn't seem to be coming across too well at the moment. Hopefully this will change in 2015 as I have a fair few resolutions that I will be sharing in a couple of days. I think next year is going to be the year of the bedbug! (Although, saying that, my introduction to 2013's top outfits is exactly the same!)

Anyway, I have at least posted enough outfits for me to do a little round-up as I did in 2012 and 2013. I'm also going to mention something that Leona recently pointed out- It looks like I never change my sheets. I do, I promise! I just prefer the toile de juoy ones so I pretty much only take photos when those are on the bed. 

January This pirate teddy jumper is pretty much one of my staple pieces over the winter.
February My bargain Topshop dress! (I'm actually wearing this as I type!)
March Ah, the My Little Pony jacket! I've never looked back! 

April My Bellatrix dress is pretty much the best dress I own! (Leona likes it a lot too!)
May This is one of my favourite outfits for work. It's just so easy to throw on in the morning. 
June What could be more summery than a pineapple playsuit?

July Wearing my rainbow dress for Pride.
August I'm a ballerina! 
September Skater skirts are my favourite and this deep red is one of my favourite colours to wear. 

October My peplum dress is the perfect little black dress. 
November I have to admit I've never worn this out since, you know, it's more of a Halloween look, but I bloody love it! 
December My first "Can fat people wear...?" with a big, fluffy jacket. 

I think my favourite look of all is the Pride rainbow dress. Which is yours? 


  1. I love all these looks so much but my absolute favourite would have to be the rainbow dress too (also you look phenomenal in that November catsuit)! <3

  2. I'm struggling to pick a favourite as I truly love them all! Your style is fantastic, can't wait to see more of it in 2015! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. The February, April and November are my favorites! xx

  4. I think my favourites are the ghost jumpsuit and the Bellatrix dress xx

  5. I just started following your blog a little while ago but this is a really neat idea. (: Love the Topshop dress and the Pineapple playsuit. (-: You're super gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you have in store for next year!

    Lots of Love,

  6. I adore the pineapple playsuit!! I love your style and how you're not afraid of colour. The more colour clashing the better for me! ;) x

  7. Loving that Halloween Playsuit! You look amazing in it. Also love the Rainbow dress! :)
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  8. The playsuit and the dress from Feb are my favourites. I really am in love with your figure (and I have no idea how to say that without sounding weird, but hopefully uyou know what I mean?) and your sense of style is awesome.

  9. My favorite is Feb, you look so pretty and a red lip is always a win! x

    Fabi |

  10. I love May and September, but throughout nearly all of your outfit posts, I always giggle at how you can take pictures whilst stood on your bed. If I stood on my bed my head would be through the ceiling as I'm so tall!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  11. I swear we have the same style! I would wear all of those! :)
    Victoria xxx

  12. My favorite is August, so chic!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  13. Love this post! Fave is probs the rainbow dress and onesie :P
    amber love


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