Winchester Christmas Market 2014

Every year since 2007, I've been visiting the Christmas market in Winchester. This year, Rich was on night shifts so he was sleeping through the day and I popped along all on my lonesome.

At one point, I walked past a group of girls and was vaguely aware of one looking at me. Once I'd passed them, I heard one say "Is that Becky?" Let me tell you, a shiver of fear ran through me! Luckily, it was only Alice who was visiting the market with Karis, Ami, Mandy and Tanya. It was lovely to end up spending the afternoon with such great girls!
Every year, I get some new pomanders. They smell so incredible- a really strong mix of orange, spice and cinammon. It's not Christmas until I've had a good whiff of these!

These adorable little decorations are made inside coconut shells. How cute!

There were real farm animals in a stable reenactment, including a very grumpy Mary and Joseph. I know they look like mannequins but I swear they're real people! 

There was a lovely little hut where people could write their Christmas wishes on card and pin them up for everybody else to read. I was amazed by how many were written in other languages and some of the wishes were really touching, such as the person for wishing their operation to go well and the child wishing for their dad to return. 
One of the greatest things about the Christmas market is that there is food everywhere! Stollen, toasted marshmallows, roasted chestnuts, bratwurst... The list goes on and on!

I absolutely love visiting Winchester at Christmas. It may only be a little market but, set in the grounds of the cathedral, it's absolutely beautiful!


  1. I didn't even know Winchester had a Christmas market?! It's so close to me I wish I'd gone! The ones in Portsmouth are appalling, absolutely appalling! The biggest bit is the bar and sausage thing, I guess that's typical Portsmouth hah! xo
    amber love

  2. I went here one year! It's a lovely Christmas market and is an absolute joy to walk around! x


  3. I do love a good Christmas market, and not much beats them, except toasted marshmallows!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. The Christmas market is so amazing and cozy. Thanks for sharing

  5. Looks like a really nice Christmas market. We visited a few over the holidays and I think I liked the one in Ghent the most :) It's all about the food!


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