Simply Be with Kelly Brook

I've had many an experience from my blog, but meeting a celebrity was something I hadn't done until last week. Simply Be invited me along to their flagship store on Oxford Street to spend the evening with Kelly Brook herself, talking about her fashion line, Kelly Brook for Simply Be

The concept is that it is a fashion line for all women, rather than just focusing on plus sizes. After all, we want unity with all women, rather than segregating us into "regular" and "large" sizes. With this collection, Kelly has stripped away the connotations that different sizes need to wear different clothes.

When I arrived, all of the bloggers were seated in a corner of the store with nibbles provided like a party buffet. We spent some time chatting amongst ourselves when out walked this vision of beauty. Let me tell you, Kelly Brook is as beautiful in real life as she looks in print. Seriously, she is breathtakingly stunning.

Before sitting down, she said "First things first: Time for a cocktail sausage". At that moment, I knew she was my kind of girl! She greeted each of us personally before taking a seat and beginning a chat. Rather then just talking at us about her collection, she really developed a conversation, showing a real interest in blogging and the plus size community. She even took the time to ask us for input on the kind of items we'd like to see in her next collection.

After our chat, and once she'd filmed a short introduction of the evening, Kelly took the time to take a selfie with every one of us. She was an absolute doll and so easy to talk to. I didn't at all feel intimidated by chatting with a bonafide celebrity.
Huge thanks to Simply Be and, of course, Kelly Brook herself for a wonderful evening. I'll definitely be adding some of her collection to my Christmas list! 


  1. I just adore Kelly Brook, she always comes across as such a genuinely lovely person. That white dress looks absolutely lovely too, I will have to have a peek at her collection. x

  2. What a great opportunity! It's nice to hear about a collection for all sizes :) x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time. You're right, she is incredibly beautiful! x

    Under Blue Lights

  4. Love the idea behind her line, what a wonderful concept. Looks like you had a fab time too! x

  5. Aw she seems like such a lovely lady & it sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    Looks like a fab collection too :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  6. I think she is lovely, Kelly is absolutely gorgeous, she's been my girl-crush for many, many years now x

  7. Wow, what an opportunity! Also, I kind of love that white dress.

  8. I think she's (unfairly) taken a lot of stick over the years, but I'm so glad she's as lovely in real life as I imagined. She's really done a lot for women here to feel proud of their curves and I know some think it's easy for her because she is originally a model (so obviously gorgeous), but she's never given into pressure and 'slimmed down' as a lot of industry people would have her do. Good on her.

  9. Sounds like such an amazing night, and I'm so glad Kelly Brook is as you described! I'm going to go & stalk her collection now! x

  10. Kelly seems hilarious! I'm so glad she was nice looks like you had an amazing evening! xx


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