Review: Lush Christmas and Halloween 2014

I started writing this post at the beginning of October, adding to it each time I tried a new product. What I didn't expect was that it would take so long to try every single product. Now we're in the odd scenario of me reviewing Halloween products which have since been taken off the shelves. Whoops! 

Bath Bombs

Luxury Lush Pud

This was one of my favourites from last year although it's been revamped for 2014 and given a bubblegum pink makeover. As it dissolves, the multicoloured hemispheres create rainbow swirls in thin, frothy surface. With a strong scent of lavender, it's perfect for unwinding and relaxing. 


I was so excited to try this one as I've never seen a cylindrical bath bomb before. The yellow version, Sparkler, has a delicious rose fragrance similar to Rose Jam. It's a slow fizzer and, as it dissolves, it reveals pink bubbles and, to my surprise, lots and lots and lots of gold glitter. Not one for a school night! I have to be honest though, it's always fun bathing in golden, glittery lustre. It makes me feel like a millionaire! 

Northern Lights

The purple version of the sister cylindrical bath bombs, Northern Lights, is a new favourite of mine. As soon as I popped it in the bath, it exploded in a big puff of foamy cream, with the swirls of yellow and blue that lend it its name. The floral, heady scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang fills the whole bathroom and leaves my skin smelling amazing afterwards. 

Father Christmas

Although the website describes Father Christmas as smelling like Snow Fairy, this is not true at all. Luckily I didn't know it was listed this way, so I wasn't expecting a candyfloss-scented bath, otherwise I would have been very disappointed. Instead, it has a very musky fragrance and turns the water a festive green shade. 

Shoot for the Stars

Another product that has been brought back from earlier years, although for 2014, this bath bomb has had a bit of a makeover and the previously yellow shooting star is now silver. As it's dispersed into the bath, marbled swirls of blue and indigo whirl together to create a luxuriously navy shade with silver lustre which does transfer a little. It also releases white star-shaped confetti so it's like a party in the bath! In terms of the scent, it has a heady, musky fragrance that is supposed to be the same as the toffee-honey Honey, I Washed the Kids soap, although I didn't pick that up at all. 


Perhaps I picked up a dud because I was really disappointed. Initially, I was very pleased to see my bath water turned a much paler yellow than the quite disgustingly coloured of last year, but it quickly became evident that there was no scent whatsoever. Nothing. Rich confirmed this too, so I wasn't just going crazy! So, essentially, I paid £2.50 to turn my bathwater a questionable shade of yellow. I'll try it again just to be sure. 


I was so excited to try this bath bomb, as the bear shape is absolutely adorable. As it turns out, it's one of my favourite Christmas products. For those who remember Snowman from previous years, this is identical except for the shape. With a warming scent of vanilla and cocoa, Butterbear is filled with moisturising cocoa butter, which transformed my bath into a creamy tub of goodness! 

So White

The crisp apple scent of this bath bomb is so fresh and quite subtle. This year, they've adapted the ballistic slightly to include a pale pink centre. As it fizzes away, it releases a thin layer of foam. A lovely, simple product.  

Golden Wonder

This is one of Lush's bestselling Christmas products. A huge bath ballistic, in the shape of a present and coated in golden lustre, Golden Wonder has a delicious citrus scent of orange and lime. As it dissolves, it unveils a luscious turquoise shade and subtle glitter.

Dashing Santa

This happy little Santa has a wonderfully fruity fragrance of satsumas and bergamot and the orange-coloured bath water to match. As his boots are made of gold bubble bar, he produces smooth foam that floats on the surface and releases a golden lustre. 

Lord of Misrule

Lord of Misrule is a fantastic Halloween product. It's so autumnal, with herbal notes of patchouli and pepper. Despite the green shell, the inside is a deep burgundy which does create quite a gory appearance as it dissolves, but the rich wine bathwater feels really indulgent. 

Bubble Bars

Drummers Drumming

Another brand new product that I couldn't wait to try. It looks almost too good to use, with bright, contrasting pink and yellow colours and a bell hanging from each side. You can actually twist it and use it like a rattle drum if you so wish. One of the interesting things about this bubble bar is that it's fragranced with two scents: The pink side is strawberry and the yellow vanilla. When you swill the wand in a running bath, the two scents combine to create a gorgeous strawberries and cream aroma that clings to the skin long afterwards. 

Holly Golightly

Step aside! We have a new favourite! Holly Golightly is a huge bubble bar covered in a light layer of glitter with a sprig of holly on top. The scent is pure Christmas: A spicy, festive fragrance of cinnamon and patchouli. With a bright emerald green centre, my bathwater turned a gorgeous seasonal shade and I was pleased to discover that the glitter is very subtle once it's dispersed through the water. I wasn't covered in glitter when I got out! One quarter of the bar produces a great amount of soft, moisturising bubbles. 

Sparkling Pumpkin

I think understandably I expected this to smell pumpkins. I don't actually like the smell of pumpkin so I was pleasantly surprised that instead it has an uplifting, but subtle, scent of lime and grapefruit. Half a pumpkin creates a fantastic amount of bubbles and the glitter isn't heavy, which is always good. 

Magic Wand

This bubble bar is such a fun novelty! It's a star shaped wand that you dip under a running tap and wiggle about to create Snow-Fairy-scented bubbles. This gives you full control over the amount of bubbles in your bath, and the jingling bells are really cute. Here's a tip though: At £5.25 per bar, it's cheaper to buy a big bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel and squeeze some into your bath to create bubbles. 

Christmas Penguin

This little dude is so cute! As a bubble bar, he lasts me about 3 baths since he produces a good amount of bubbles without using too much. His uplifting fruity fragrance of lemon and mandarin is fresh and leaves my skin smelling lovely! 

Christmas Hedgehog

Christmas Hedgehog is absolutely adorable! Just look at his little face! Infused with shea butter, it feels slippery but moisturising and creates lovely soft bubbles. With a wonderful floral fragrance of ylang ylang and rose, my hedgehog friend is wonderfully relaxing. 

The Wizard

The Wizard is very similar to the Christmas Penguin in design, but with a scent of ylang ylang and fennel, which gives off a subtle licquorice fragrance. The bubbles produced are soft and moisturising with a lovely shade of violet. 

Candy Mountain

I do love my sweet fragrances! Candy Mountain is the sweetest of the sweet, very similar to Creamy Candy. The vanilla creates a warming bubblegum scent with a subtle shimmer in the bubbles. Lovely! 

Christmas Eve

I really like the disc shape of this bubble bar because it's so easy to store in my Lush bowl! It has a heady floral scent of jasmine and ylang ylan, which creates a relaxing, luxurious experience. Perfect for calming down after a long day!

Bath Melts

Star Light, Star Bright

This is the glitteriest of all glitter products. You have been warned! Star Light, Star Bright is a bath melt, shaped like a star and covered in a silver shimmer. As it dissolves in the bath, it releases a turquoise-coloured centre and creamy shea butter. Swilling around in moisturising, glittery water made me feel like a mermaid and the uplifting scent of lemon and lime is so refreshing. The one downside of this melt is the excessive glitter. Although it might be great for a night out, the glitter clings to my skin and transfers to everything I touch over the next 12 hours. My towels, sofa, bed, phone and laptop are coated in a layer of silver glitter. 

Snow Angel

Another glittery product but, unlike Star Light, Star Bright, it doesn't leave me looking like a disco ball. Instead it gently brushes my skin with a subtle shimmer. The scent of Snow Angel is supposed to be floral but I just smell a lovely fragrance of biscuits, which I assume is the cocoa butter. Before it melted away, I rubbed it over my body and the glitter had a fantastic exfoliating effect. However, I didn't find the melt particularly moisturising, unlike the others I've used

The Melting Snowman

Last year, this was my absolute favourite product. I stocked up on loads of them (especially when they were half price after Christmas!) and rationed them carefully, so I was very excited to see it making a return. The fragrance is similar to Holly Go Lightly and Hot Toddy (below) with a spicy cinnamon and clove scent. The eyes are made of real chocolate and the nose carrot, but I wouldn't recommend tasting them! Once popped in the bath, this little fella melts away to create an insanely moisturising, milky bath with enriching almond oil and cocoa butter. A word of warning though: It makes your bath really slippery. The next day, I merrily jumped in the bath, slipped and came crashing down, spilling water everywhere and getting an arm stuck under my body in the process. 

Shower Gels

Hot Toddy

Even before I got to look at Hot Toddy, I was excited to try it! The description alone had swayed me and I had high expectations. Luckily for me, this festive little shower gel completely met them. If you could bottle Christmas, this is what it would smell like! Very spicy, a little fruity, with a hint of sweetness; I cannot get enough! The consistency of the gel is very thick, almost like a jelly, and I found it did initially transfer quite a lot of colour onto my skin, although it had washed off by the end of the shower. With a fragrance of ginger, cinnamon and clove, however, it's the scent that truly makes this product. Once out of the shower, I couldn't stop sniffing my own skin! 

So White

The So White bath ballistic has been doing the Christmas rounds for a long time at Lush, and this year they've released a shower gel with the same scent. At first, the fresh scent of apples is very crisp but it quickly turns more musky and almost sour as the cider vinegar note comes out. 

Rose Jam

Everybody knows about Rose Jam! It's almost as iconic as Snow Fairy, with the fragrance of rose with a sweet infusion of vanilla. Lathering is quick and easy, and afterwards my skin smelled amazing. Another bonus is that is smells just like the Rose Jam bubbleroon, which is one of my favourite products. 

Snowman Shower Jelly

I've never tried a shower jelly before, so I was really excited about this product. It's shaped like a snowman and wibble wobbles all over the place. To apply, you have to take the whole product out of the pot and rub it over your body like a soap. The only problem with this is that it is very, very slippery and almost impossible to hold. To be honest, this makes showering more fun but it's definitely not one to use if you're in a rush. The scent is absolutely amazing. With carrot and lemon, it's the same fragrance as the Easter Carrot Soap, which is a truly uplifting, refreshing scent. Afterwards I can't stop sniffing my own skin!


First Snow

First Snow is perfect for Christmas parties. Just a little sprinkling of this dusting powder creates a gorgeous shimmer and, as a bonus, it has notes of orange and lime to make your skin smell citrus fresh.

As always, Lush has pulled it out of the bag this winter. I just can't wait until the sales! 


  1. I haven't seen the cylindrical bath bombs before, they look amazing! Lord of Misrule is one of my favourites - the scent is amazing. I must go back to Lush and get some of their soap bars - it's been too long! Lovely post. - Tasha xxx

  2. I am bookmarking this post for my next trip to Lush, I really want to try more of their Christmas bath bombs! Such a great post, thanks for the informative reviews :)

  3. I love Lush and especially as Christmas. They do such beautiful products x

  4. I've just had a bath with Star Bright, Star Light. SO GLITTERY. ALL THE SPARKLES! I've left the bath with a layer of glitter, no matter how hard I tried to get it off. I sure my brother will appareicate it... oops! I also love Hot Toddy, it smells like all the good things about Christmas :)

    Hannah xx

  5. Ah! Love it. I wish my nearest Lush shop was less than four hours away. I've still got the Star Light, Star Bright one, but on reading your review, I think I might leave it until the night of my Christmas party :)

  6. I love Lush's Christmas range! I've basically bought all the female members of my family Lush stuff for Christmas haha. The Snow Fairy scent is still my favourite, although I do like the festive bath bombs too (Butter bear is delicious!)

  7. wicked reviews .... theres so much glitter in the range this year, so so much glitter x

  8. So many products oh wow! I am deffo getting the mega glittery ones, I love leaving a trail of glitter everywhere, my housemates and family tease me for it so much haha! Yay! x

  9. The staff at my local store suggested chopping up the snowman shower jelly into cubes to use one-per-shower if you are having trouble controlling the whole thing!


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