Best of 2014

I absolutely love these posts at the end of the year! Not only are they a great way of looking back and reflecting over the year, but they also put all my best posts in a neat little post for new readers to check out. (Hello, new readers!)

This year, I've chosen my three favourite posts from each month to create a chronology of Becky Bedbug in 2014. Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Body Positivity Week: I missed out on Body Positivity Week so I wrote a whole post about it.
Diaries behind-the-scenes: The Emo Years. If you fancy a peek into the inner workings of 17 year old angst-ridden emo Becky, this post is a good place to start!
Become a YouTube Millionaire with Glamour Magazine: Glamour wrote an article about how easy it is to make your fortune on YouTube and it was all wrong. 

Schwing Along with Wayne's World: I wore fancy dress to a Wayne's World screening in London and stayed in the courtroom where The Clash were once tried for shooting a pigeon.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: For a late Christmas present, I took my little brother to the West End and Camden.
What to expect from an MRI scan: I had an MRI to check out my head-brain area (I'm not entirely sure what they were looking for, to be honest) and actually kind of enjoyed it!  

Malala Yousafzai at WOW London: I had the truly remarkable privilege of seeing Malala Yousafzai speak at the Southbank Centre in London, and was lucky enough to have a front row seat right opposite her lectern.
Vogue Festival 2014: Good Taste, Bad Taste: While we're on the topic of the Southbank Centre, I also narrowly missed out on the opportunity to meet my art inspiration, Grayson Perry.
World's Tiniest Hands: I may have teeny-tiny hands but there are some benefits! 

Brookwood Cemetery: South Side: I'm a bit of a cemetery fan (I know it's bizarre) and this was the most beautiful necropolis I've ever visited.
My Chemical Romance May Death Never Stop You: Fancy reading a hilariously melodramatic review of MCR's greatest hits? 
Lewes Castle: Visiting Lewes Castle on a sunny day was lovely!

The Roman Baths: After wanting to for ages, I finally had the chance to visit Bath. 
On meritocracy and women in the boardroom: Controversy alert! 
My rook piercing: One month on: After getting my rook pierced, I wrote a post about the pain, healing and aftercare.

Interview with my grandma: Everybody should interview a member of their family. My grandma is my inspiration in life and it was wonderful hearing all about her life.
London Pride Parade: Although it was in the midst of torrential downpour, London Pride Parade was incredible. We even came within feet of Sir Ian McKellen! Amazing, right?
Kew Gardens: To be honest, nature isn't really my thing but Kew Gardens was gorgeous. 

Four Seasons Hampshire Spa: What better way to relax than being treated to a day in a luxury spa? Bliss!
2000 Trees Festival: Saturday: Being sent to photograph 2000 Trees Festival was one of my highlights of 2014.
NARSissist x Lily Anna event at Space NK: I was invited to a great evening at Space NK with Lily Pebbles and Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup. Both were lovely girls!

Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter: My third visit to the Harry Potter tour in Leavesden to pick up some last-minute wedding inspiration.
Florida Day 2: Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom: Our first full day at Magic Kingdom was one of the most magical of my life! 
Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hogsmeade: Our wedding venue! Returning to Hogsmeade after 3 years felt like coming home.

Florida Harry Potter Wedding: We got married at Hogwarts and it was the greatest day of my life! 
England Wedding: Once we'd landed back in England, we had our wedding reception in Winchester. 
Edinburgh Castle: While I was finally visiting Scotland, I checked out all the Edinburgh tourist spots!

What I learned from our wedding: As it turns out, I really had nothing to worry about!
My office: After setting up my office space 3 months ago, I've used it once. Still, it's pretty!
Becky Reads Company: September 2014: A moment of silence for the final Becky Reads Company. 

#SimplyBeReal Moments: This adorable illustration was drawn based on the funniest moment of my professional career.
A day trip to Calais: Turns out French is not my strong suit.
What to expect from a counselling assessment: My first experience in the world of therapy wasn't as scary as I'd expected.

My acrylic nail journey: I'm serious when I say my first acrylic nails have changed my life! 
My festive bedroom: Christmas decorating is a big deal in my household! 
5 tips for decorating your Christmas tree: Or how to suck the fun out of decorating for everybody else in your family. 

Looking back over 2014, I've had a lot of great times. Let's hope 2015 is even better! 


  1. Aww Harry Potter stuff in Florida, defo wanna go there in 2015! And you got married there, congrats! I got married this year too.Nice round up. It's fun writing these, just finished mine. (

  2. Looks like its been an amazing year for you! I really enjoyed your wedding posts :)
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  3. Loved reading this Becky! So nice to see your whole journey in one post :) it's such a great way to remember the year! I can't believe your wedding posts were way back in September!! Feels like they were just last month!!! Xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. So many great posts - looking forward to seeing what you share in 2015 :)

  5. Happy New Year! Love this idea! Now I have a lot of posts to catch up on! Lol. And I think it's SUPER COOL that you got married at Hogwarts! :D I'm excited to see what you have in store for 2015! (:

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

  6. Happy New Year! Forever missing Becky Reviews Company haha.

  7. What a year you've had! I love looking through these posts and remembering all the great words and stories! Here's to seeing what you come up with in 2015!

  8. The best thing about 2014 for me, was having my hand on your breast. Xx


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