I love Olivia's guide for festive things to do in London
Helen's Christmas looks wonderful! 
Christmas in Vienna looks perfect! 
Becky's bear biscuits are adorable! 
I love Andini's photos from Winter Wonderland
I love Louise's idea for a Christmas Eve Box
Alice has written all about our visit to Winchester Christmas Market
I adore Sara's kitsch fluffy outfit.

Other Favourites
Some of these award-winning photographs are breathtaking. 
A man waiting for the tube started singing Erasure's respect and everybody on the platform joined in. I love these shows of camaraderie. 


  1. Thank you so much for including my Christmas Eve box post! I'm so glad you liked it! xx

  2. I really enjoyed the idea of a Christmas Eve box and I think this is something I will definitely do next year or maybe for my Birthday Eve. It also is a brilliant idea for a friends gift too.


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